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Dingwall Castle Street Church of Scotland is a parish Church and available for Christian wedding ceremonies for Brides and Bridegrooms who seek God's blessing on their marriage. Contact with the minister, and all other arrangements, should be made well in advance (enquiries@dingwall-church.co.uk). We hope that the following information will be helpful. Click on one of the links below to find out more.



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Legal & General

The Ushers



Christian Marriage

In the light of the current debate within Scotland on same-sex relationships, the leadership of Castle Street Church of Scotland, Dingwall, following its adherence to the traditional view on such matters, has adopted the following statement concerning Christian marriage: 'We affirm God’s creation of humankind as male and female and that union between one man and one woman is the proper place for sexual intimacy. Hence we further affirm that Christian marriage is marriage between a man and a woman, and that as such it is a holy estate which has been given by God for companionship between husband and wife, for the nurture of children, and for the welfare of human society.' The Church of Scotland official response to the Scottish Government's Consultation Paper on 'Same-Sex' marriage can be found here.


Legal and General

Both Bride and Groom should go and see the local Registrar [The Registrar, Council Offices, Ferry Road, Dingwall – 01349 - 863113], at least six weeks before the wedding date. Take both Birth Certificates. If either party has been divorced their divorce papers must be submitted to the Registrar. If either party is a widow or widower then the death certificate of their former spouse must be submitted to the Registrar. The Registrar will then put up a Public Notice concerning the wedding. Then, in the week before the wedding day, you go back to the Registrar who will give you the Marriage Schedule. The Marriage Schedule is the document we sign at the wedding. The wedding cannot start unless the minister has the Marriage Schedule, and so this should be given to the Minister at the Rehearsal. The Marriage Schedule must be returned to the Registrar within 3 days of the wedding: then the Registrar will issue your formal Marriage Certificate.

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Dates and Times

Consult the Minister before setting the date and time of the Wedding

Date and time of the Rehearsal can then also be arranged

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There is no fee for the Minister.

The fee for the Church is £100.

The fee for the Organist is £50

The fee for the Church Officer is £30

These fees should be placed in three marked envelopes, brought to the Rehearsal, and left with the Minister who will give them to the appropriate people.

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We have two regular organists, and the minister will put you in touch with one of the organists so that you can discuss the hymns and choice of music. It is important to check the hymns with the Organist in order that the tune you have in mind is the same as the one the Organist is familiar with. By decision of the Kirk Session, all the music and singing for a Wedding Service must be traditionally recognised Church music and singing. This is because the service is a service of worship to God within which a wedding takes place. Some suggested hymns are listed below. You will also have to decide whether you will have printed Hymn Sheets, or if church Hymn Books will be sufficient. If Hymn Sheets are chosen, the Bride and Groom are responsible for the printing. Wedding congregations sing best if everyone has their own individual hymn sheet, so print enough for every guest, plus a few more to send to friends and relatives who are unable to come to the Wedding.

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A Bible reading is always part of a Christian marriage ceremony, and you may want a friend or a member of the family to do a Bible reading. If you want a poem to be read, this is OK so long as the minister sees it well in advance and feels it is appropriate. These things are discussed with the minister before final decisions are taken.

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The Ushers

Three Ushers are recommended. The Ushers should be at the Church no later than a full half-hour before the service is due to start. If possible the Ushers should come to the rehearsal in order to familiarise themselves with the Church layout and procedures.

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To avoid unnecessary intrusion into the Marriage Ceremony itself, Photographers must observe the following rules. 

1. Photographs may be taken at the Church door.

2. A Photograph may be taken of the Bride and party entering the Church and walking up the aisle.

3. A Photograph may be taken from the balcony of the Church - during the singing of a hymn (to avoid hearing the noise of the camera).

4. Photographs may be taken of the Bride and Groom signing the Marriage Schedule at the Communion Table. The normal practice is for the 'real signing' to be carried out, and then the Minister invites the photographer to come forward and arrange the Bride and Groom for a 'posed signing', taking as many shots as the photographer wishes.

5. A Photograph may be taken of the Wedding Party leaving the Church and walking down the aisle.

6. NO other photographs, apart from (3) and (4) may be taken during the Marriage Service. NO guests should take photographs during the Marriage Service.

7. Any video-photographer must liaise with the minister concerning where to film from, and, during the ceremony, must remain in one place.

8. The Bride and Groom should insist that the photographer or video-person is smartly dressed up to the same standard as the Wedding guests.

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The following people should be at the Rehearsal: the Bride and Groom; the Best Man and Bridesmaids; the Ushers; and the Bride’s father (or whoever will come in with the Bride). You should also bring to the rehearsal: the Wedding Schedule, the Hymn Sheets, and the Church Fees.

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The Reception

There are normally three main toasts.

1. Toast to the Bride and Groom by a relative/friend/bride’s father/bride’s mother.

2. Reply by the Groom incorporating a toast to the Bridesmaids.

3. Speech by the Best Man, followed by the Best Man reading the cards etc.

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We would be grateful if you would leave your flowers for the Sunday Church Service. Access for your florist to get into the Church must be arranged in advance through the Minister. If two weddings are booked for the same day then: (1) there must be at least two hours between them and, (2) the first wedding to book has priority regarding the flowers.

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Possible hymns for your wedding include


All things bright and beautiful

Amazing Grace

Give me joy in my heart keep me serving (Sing Hosanna)

For the Beauty of the Earth

How Great Thou art

Immortal, Invisible, God only wise

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God

Praise my Soul the King of heaven

Be Thou my vision

O Father all creating

O Worship the King, all glorious above

O Jesus I have promised

O perfect Love

Praise to the Lord the Almighty

To God be the glory

Guide me O Thou great Jehovah

Be still for the presence of the Lord

The Lord's My Shepherd

The King of Love my Shepherd is

All People that on earth do dwell

Love Divine, all loves excelling

One more step along the world I go

All over the world the Spirit is moving

What a Friend we have in Jesus

Lord of creation, to Thee be all praise



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